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The Lifecycle of a Sale

By: Jason Lefkowitz

Accounting ServicesOver the years, we have seen some companies emphasize sales but fail to recognize the power of the customer relationship after the sale. The service that follows the sale is often the key to future sales and repeat business.  Many industries, including but not limited to, the auto, contractor, electronic, and technology industries have a sales and service relationship with their customers often resulting in custom design, specialty, or technical products that may have installation requirements.  In addition, the customer, more times than not, is dependent on the ongoing service relationship for product satisfaction.  Let me share a personal experience that really points this out. Hopefully, you can relate to this.I recently bought a car from a dealer that really understands how a sales and service department work together to make an experience a great one.  The salesman, known as a client advisor, was amazing. He had knowledge about all of his products,  he listened to my needs, and it was clear he loved his products based on the way he would light up when describing the various vehicles and options available.  Not to mention he would commonly refer to his vehicles laughing, shaking his head, and stating “ooooh that one is a beast!”  I purchased an amazing vehicle that had everything I wanted and absolutely loved.  What blew my mind was that my client advisor’s communication and services did not end after I purchased the car from him.Unfortunately less than three months after owning this “beast,” it was involved in a hit and run.  I needed a place that could fix this car and make it look as perfect as it did when I purchased it.  I called up my client advisor to get some recommendations on places.  He not only gave me recommendations, but he arranged for my car to be picked up and taken to a body shop.  He even went as far as to have my car picked up from the body shop when the repairs were completed and had the car delivered to me.It has become commonplace for many professionals social media marketing in the sales industry to close a deal and believe their job is over.  This is a problem because many times the service department may not be performing up to par, which in turn can lead to the loss of business.  My client advisor made sure that I purchased the car that was right for my needs, but he also personally makes sure that the service department is providing me with quality service because he understands that just because the sale is complete, if I am not happy with the service I am receiving I may leave, not refer work, and not purchase any other vehicles from him even though he was an amazing sales person.  As a result of his efforts, the great quality of the product, and the amazing service I have received, I have continued to refer clients and purchased other vehicles from him. It’s a win-win for everybody.

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