Wed Aug 10, 2022 | | Business, CFO Services, Financial Reporting

Why and How to Hire a CFO

characteristics of a CFO

If you have a small business, you might think you don’t need to hire a CFO. After all, a chief financial officer is a high-paying position only needed in big corporations making over 100 million dollars, right?

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Thu Jul 14, 2022 | | Financial Reporting

Financial Audit: What You Need To Know

account balances

Does your business need an accounting audit? A financial audit of your accounting records might help identify potential problems, including fraudulent acts. It is essential to select a certified public accountant to perform this type of audit; there are specific rules and regulations regarding this profession.

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Wed Jun 8, 2022 | | Financial Reporting

Budgeting and Forecasting: 6 Best Practices


Few things in the business world are as complex as planning and budgeting. It involves stakeholders, vendors, employees, technology, infrastructure, and many other aspects that can often cause immense stress. When considering the financial models of your business goals, you must rise to the challenge. Budgeting and forecasting lay the foundation for an organization’s fiscal health. Neglect them, and it will be a gloomy forecast indeed.

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Thu Jul 29, 2021 | | Accounting, Financial Reporting

Financial Insights With An Outsourced Accounting Team

financial insights

Do you own a small business? If so, hiring an accountant is key to truly understanding your business’s financial health. Historically, many businesses hired bookkeepers and accountants from several firms, outsourcing some and keeping some in-house. While hiring accountants through various firms worked for companies in the past, this method has since become outdated, expensive, and inefficient to own a business’s finances in order.

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Wed Mar 17, 2021 | | Bookkeeping Services, Cash Management, Construction, Financial Reporting

Accounting for Construction Companies

Accounting for Construction Companies

Construction accounting has unique challenges compared to many other business bookkeeping and management types. Construction businesses frequently travel, incur specialized job costs for each construction project, and use unique processes to keep track of financial transactions. Unfortunately, construction accounting errors can be costly, so contractors must hire professional, knowledgeable accountants to manage their finances.

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Fri Feb 5, 2021 | | Cash Management, Construction, Financial Reporting

Increasing Commercial Construction Profit Margin

commercial construction profit margin

If you are in the commercial construction industry, you have probably struggled with profit margins in the past. Unfortunately, profit margin depends on several factors outside your control, and some years tend to be more profitable than others.

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Sat Oct 10, 2020 | | Business, Cash Management, Financial Reporting

What Is the Objective of Financial Reporting?

Objective of Financial Reporting

If you own or invest in a business, you know that companies produce financial reports at least once a year. But do you know what they’re telling you? Different types of reports exist that can tell you other things. However, the overall objective of financial reporting is to provide information about the finances of a company while complying with regulations.

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Tue Sep 22, 2020 | | Business, Cash Management, CFO Services, Financial Controller Services, Financial Reporting

5 Ways To Avoid Financial Pitfalls for Business Owners

avoid financial pitfalls

No matter how brilliant an entrepreneur or business owner might be when running their business, without a good plan to maintain their company’s financial well-being, it will be difficult for their business to thrive. Regardless of industry or sector, we hear many of the same pain points that keep owners awake at night. The most successful businesses, just like people, form habits that lead to their ultimate success. Here are the top 5 action steps successful companies implement for financial success and prevent financial pitfalls.

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Tue Apr 14, 2020 | | Financial Reporting

3 Top Reasons To Invest in Monthly Financial Reporting

CFO Report

As I’m meeting different business owners, there is a difference between the businesses that are thriving and the businesses that are struggling. The common theme in struggling businesses is that they are not receiving monthly financial reporting.

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