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Professional & Trustworthy CFO Services in Las Vegas

We Are a Team of Expert Financial Professionals That Helps Las Vegas Businesses with Their Bookkeeping & Financial Needs  

Running a business takes work. In most cases, it requires you to wear several hats at a time. And this can be overwhelming to any business owner. 

That said, keeping your finances in check is one of the most important business tasks. Proper financial management gives you a clear picture of the health of your business and ensures you are also complying with the law.

At CFO Strategies LLC, we provide companies like yours with CFO services anywhere in Las Vegas. And we serve companies from a variety of industries. So, let’s analyze the full scope of your financial situation and help you make tough business decisions to take your company to the next level. 

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Get Outsourced CFO Services in Las Vegas to Take Your Business Forward

Are you looking for professional financial advice you can trust? Need an experienced financial professional to organize your financial records? At CFO Strategies LLC, we offer a variety of financial services to all businesses, including:

Accounting and Reporting

Do you struggle to do your own accounting but have the budget for a full-time accountant? Our affordable part-time CFO services provide valuable financial insights and reporting to help you understand your financial situation and make better business decisions. Among other things, we do balance sheet and income statement preparations, cash activity and cash flow forecasts, earnings forecasts, direct overhead, general and administrative expense detail, and more.

Contingency Planning and Risk Management

Does your business have a recovery plan? A recovery plan, or contingency plan, is a roadmap to help your business survive and recover after a disastrous event. Basically, it is a step-by-step plan for the worst-case scenario, like a fire, storm damage, or even a pandemic. At CFO Strategies LLC, we help businesses of every size come up with a full-proof emergency plan affordably.

Internal Controls and Processes

Many businesses, unfortunately, fail because of a lack of internal controls. There is a risk of theft, waste, and deterioration of valuable business assets if checks are not in place. Our dedicated internal controls CFO services assist business owners in developing and implementing strong internal controls to reduce employee theft and waste, thereby protecting their businesses.

Strategic Planning

Every business needs a strategic plan to give it direction, optimize resource use, and help achieve its goals. At CFO Strategies LLC, we assist small and large companies in developing annual strategic plans to meet their goals. We also help in strategic management, comparing results with your plan and making the necessary adjustments to stay on course.

Cash Management

Cash management is important, but it is often one of the hardest things for a business owner to do. And that is because a business’ cash position keeps changing. As a result, business owners find it difficult to meet current financial obligations and forecast future cash needs. With an outsourced chief financial officer from CFO Strategies LLC, you can develop great cash management practices to protect cash and ensure it is accessible and put to good use. On top of that, they will help you find the right financial products for your business. 

Field Examinations for Banks and Lenders

As a lender, your top priority is making sure your customers are in a position to pay back any money you loan them. Our outsourced CFO services also help financial institutions based in Las Vegas gain valuable knowledge and insights to make better lending decisions. We conduct field exams of the collateral provided on your behalf to determine whether approving a specific loan is a great decision.

Banking Relationships

Credit is an integral part of capital sourcing for the majority of businesses. And here, we help businesses across all industries get lines of credit to facilitate operations or expansions. So far, we have helped clients across Las Vegas obtain more than $100 million in credit for their businesses. 

Paycheck Protection Program and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (PPP and EIDL)

Has your business been heavily impacted by the harsh economic aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic? To address the challenging market conditions and help companies stay afloat, the federal government runs the PPP and EIDL. These programs are designed to help businesses cover payrolls, operating expenses, and other working costs. Our professional financial manager helps you navigate this complicated process and secure funding for your business. 

But this list is not exhaustive. We also offer additional accounting services and special projects. So, get in touch with our dedicated CFO services to get on top of your business financials.

What Makes Us the Top CFO Service in Las Vegas?

We are a top choice for many companies in the city because of the following:

  • All-in-One Financial Services Packages: CFO Strategies LLC offers a variety of innovative solutions to help you with everything from cash management and financial reporting to strategy building and even credit-seeking.

  • Experience with Businesses of All Sizes: Our part-time CFO services have vast experience working with all kinds of clients, including many small business owners.

  • Affordable CFO Services: We will take care of the financial side of your business at the most competitive rates in the market.

  • Serving Multiple Industries in Las Vegas: We offer valuable tips and hands-on financial services to businesses in construction, transportation and logistics, education, non-profit, and many more.

Looking for a Competent Part-Time CFO Service? Let’s Take Care of the Finances for You as You Focus on Building Your Business

Are you a business owner struggling to manage your financial statements? Need help with financial tasks like budget preparation, balance sheet preparation, profitability analysis, payroll tax management, etc.? CFO Strategies LLC is your go-to financial manager and controller anywhere in Las Vegas. We take care of the complex financial tasks for you, ensuring smooth business operations and compliance.

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