CFO Strategies is also available to assist with additional accounting services and special projects.  These can be added to other services we offer or provided on an ad-hoc basis. Many small and mid-size businesses have limited resources or lack expertise in a specialized area and our team has experience in many additional areas.  Our business model is designed to work with you to ensure that you receive the deliverables you need. 

In addition, many times mid to large size companies need help on a temporary or a short term basis to clean up books and records or to reconstruct accounting records from situations that have gone awry. Jokingly, some of these clients have referred to CFO Strategies as “the financial red cross.”  In other cases, companies need help with a to restructure or need our support in situations when the accounting department is inexperienced or understaffed. CFO Strategies has the resources to help even on short notice.   

CFO Strategies also can provide interim or temporary accounting solutions for those companies looking to seek out a permanent full-time option, not sure which direction they want to take the organization, or even just to test our company to make sure we are the right fit.  If you do not need on-going services, but just need assistance with a special project, CFO Strategies also has the tools to assist.

additional accounting services

Some of the special projects we can help with include, but are not limited to:

  • Staffing & recruiting
  • Interim accounting services
  • Training, coaching and professional development
  • Exit Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Audit preparation
  • Implementation of a new accounting system and design (chart of accounts)
  • One-time cleaning up of your books and records
  • Due diligence for the sale or purchase of your company
  • Assistance with ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)
  • Accounting system selection and implementation
  • Implementation and testing of internal controls
  • Forensic examination to determine fraud and misappropriation 

Accounting Services for Small Business


Small businesses play a vital role in today’s economy, and effective financial management is key to their success. That’s where professional accounting services for small business come into play, offering a range of critical solutions tailored to the unique needs of smaller enterprises.

Accounting services for small businesses encompass a variety of offerings designed to streamline financial processes, ensure compliance, and support informed decision-making. These services include:

Bookkeeping: Accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping is the foundation of any successful business. Business accounting services can manage your books, ensuring that financial transactions are recorded correctly.

Tax Planning and Preparation: Small businesses can benefit from expert tax planning and preparation to optimize tax liabilities and take advantage of deductions and credits.

Financial Analysis: Comprehensive financial analysis provides valuable insights into the health of your business, helping you make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Payroll Services: Efficient and error-free payroll processing ensures that your employees are compensated accurately and on time, reducing administrative burden.

Financial Reporting: Timely and well-structured financial reports provide a clear picture of your business’s financial performance, enabling you to make strategic decisions.

Compliance: Staying compliant with tax regulations and financial reporting requirements is essential for small businesses. Professional accounting services ensure that you meet all legal obligations.

Small business owners often wear multiple hats, from managing daily operations to driving growth. Outsourcing accounting services for small business to experts allows you to focus on your core business activities and strategic objectives.

For small business owners seeking expert financial management, CFO Strategies LLC offers tailored solutions and a wealth of expertise. Whether you’re looking to streamline your financial processes, optimize tax strategies, or enhance your overall financial performance, we’re here to support your business. Contact us today to explore how our business accounting services can help you achieve your financial goals. Your success is our priority.