We prepare a customized proposal and engagement letter for every client.

Our belief is that the fee we charge should be based on the value our services add to your organization, not the number of hours we work. 

Our service pricing is based upon:

  • The number of services we provide to you
  • The type of services
  • The complexity and volume of transactions
  • Seniority of staff

We are accessible to support our clients both on-site and virtually. We do not charge for telephone calls or email correspondence. It is part of what we do. 

Our pricing is transparent from the start.

We typically bill by the month with most clients but we are flexible and can accommodate various payment plans to coincide with the collection of your receivables if monthly billing does not work for your company.

cfo strategies pricingSmall and midsize businesses are often faced with the challenge of not being able to afford the cost of full-time CFOs, financial controllers, and other specialists that can help advise their company.  However, CFO Strategies provides a part-time CFO and controller option so that these companies can get the guidance they need for their businesses without spending an exorbitant amount of money.  

While these organizations cannot afford a full-time option, most times they do not need one as the volume of work may not be there to fulfill 2,000 hours a year.  In addition, most part-time CFOs and controllers have experience in a variety of industries and can provide creative ideas and innovative solutions to complex problems.

The services we provide are at-will and services can be terminated at any time by either party. We do not ask for a specific timeframe for services when we agree to work together.  If you would like to engage us for a specific period of time, however, that can be arranged. 

In addition, companies that hire CFO Strategies will save on taxes (health, insurance, and payroll). Further, companies that had employees performing multiple jobs will now be able to focus on the tasks they are qualified to perform. 

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