A more global-minded workplace and a focus on technology have already started to shift financial services work to be virtual. The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up this process and required companies to change to remote or virtual accounting services quickly.

Many workers are likely to return to their offices eventually. Businesses will continue to look for creative ways to reduce their physical footprint while maintaining flexibility. For many companies, a virtual CFO or virtual financial controller can provide this balance of flexibility and cost savings.

CFO Strategies allows businesses of all sizes to work in-person and virtually with our clients. We perform the day-to-day financial and accounting functions to keep your business running smoothly and effectively. Not only does this allow for continuity of work because the bookkeeper, controller, or CFO can work remotely from any location, but it also offers an affordable option for businesses of all sizes, especially if you do not want or need to hire a full-time person.

Some larger companies may seek to hire a controller or CFO as a full-time employee. This expense is not always feasible for small and mid-sized companies who need the flexibility to hire someone for a part-time role or may not want to hire someone to work on-site or full-time.

virtual accounting servicesAt CFO Strategies, we have the flexibility to work virtually while still offering hands-on information, support, guidance, and insights, just like someone who is a full-time member of your team.  That means you do not have to pay for the benefits and services offered. This is an excellent investment for most small to medium-sized businesses to ensure support with your financial reporting, cash management, staffing, training, and other vital services.

Our services are generally designed for companies that need these services on a part-time basis, but we can also undertake total outsourcing engagementsOur cost-effective options are customized to fit each business’s needs, including the ability to complete on-site services, full virtual accounting services, or a blend of both.  benefits of virtual accounting servicesLearn more about why you might utilize a virtual member of our team for your controller or CFO needs.

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