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All growing businesses, particularly those with more complex financial transactions, need a controller and/or a CFO.  It is likely that you do not yet need a full-time controller or CFO and it may be cost-prohibitive.  CFO Strategies can offer the balance of managing the complex transactions but on a part-time basis, that can either be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid of the two.

The team of seasoned accounting and finance professionals at CFO Strategies provides everything from bookkeeping and day-to-day accounting services to controller and CFO services, customized for your company’s needs and budget. We work with prospective clients to determine and recommend the type of services needed to be based on the goals of the organization and the volume and complexity of transactions and reporting needs.

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CFO Strategies serves businesses in a wide range of industries, including construction and real estate, suppliers, non-profits, and transportation and logistics.

CFO Strategies serves businesses in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to construction and real estate, architecture and engineering, cannabis, country clubs, financial advisory firms, non-profits and educational institutions, and transportation and logistics.  

Depending on your industry, you may want or need different services than other industries.  It is also quite possible, as a business owner you are not sure what type of services your specific company will need or benefit from.  We are here to help you determine which services would be right for your specific company.  

Our team will set up an on-site or virtual meeting to learn more about how your business functions and the type of financial information you are receiving or would like to receive.  We then will perform a complimentary review of your books and records and speak with your key staff.  After gathering all this information, we will then generate a proposal that includes 2 aspects. 

The first part is an assessment of your overall books and records along with how your company compares to best practices and recommendations for implementing best practices.  The second part includes a phased approach with the services we feel are best suited for your company. 

 If you decide not to hire us or do not want to move forward, you get to keep the complimentary business review at no cost.

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