Cash Management

Managing cash is the most important, yet most stressful, function for business owners and management of many emerging and growing businesses.  Many of these companies need help managing their cash balances and cash flows.  Business leaders often “have a feel” for how much cash they have available and lack the tools and processes that will let them know their existing and changing cash positions.  Consequently, business owners often struggle to manage cash, meet financial obligations, and anticipate cash needs for changing business conditions.  

Every company should know the point at which total expenditures and total receipts are equal (break-even point).  CFO Strategies has a long history of helping business owners and senior management understand their cash position, as well as to control and grow their cash balances.  CFO Strategies will implement the tools necessary for businesses to clearly see daily cash balances and help clients forecast to anticipate cash levels.  Management will then be better able to match the timing of its cash payments with the timing of its cash receipts so that payments are made from available cash and cash balances grow.  

We help ensure that the company has the best cash management practices so that your cash is protected from theft, access to cash is accelerated and idle cash is put to work right away. We also have relationships with banks and lenders who can help your company with the right financial products. 

A very important part of cash management for businesses involves a process called cash flow forecasting.  Cash flow forecasting is a forward-looking estimate of a business’s future financial position.

In small to mid-size businesses a cash flow forecast is typically the most important information for owners to determine whether their company will be stable financially.  It involves tracking the anticipated receipts and payments that will be coming in and out during a particular time period to project how the business will perform moving forward.  

CFO Strategies builds and maintains cash flow forecasts for your business so you can make better-informed business decisions and can see how your business will perform in the future.  

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