What We Do

CFO Strategies provides companies with Chief Financial Officer, Financial Controller, and accounting and financial reporting services. Our team of experienced financial professionals can help you with anything from managing your day-to-day bookkeeping and financial reporting to helping you with bigger picture strategic planning, relationship management, and financial contingency planning.

Our services, which can be performed on-site and/or virtually, are generally designed for companies that need these services on a permanent part-time basis, but we can also undertake full outsourcing roles. Our cost-effective options are customized to fit your business’s needs, including the ability for full on-site services, full virtual services, or a blend of both.  We tailor our specific services based on your company’s particular needs.

What separates CFO Strategies from many other accounting firms is that in addition to analyzing and providing companies with historical financial information, we also focus on cash management and financial projections.  This allows businesses to have a better read on their business and make adjustments or changes before it’s too late. Once a company has that information, we can help them make decisions about how to plan for the future so they are ready to handle changing business conditions and challenges.

We have helped clients in a variety of industries, including construction, transportation, logistics, and financial advisory groups, to manage the changing landscapes and financial challenges. We know that business climates change every day and CFO Strategies has the team that will help you navigate through challenging and turbulent times.

The CFO Strategies Team consists of CPAs and other senior executives with extensive financial experience. We have a clear track record of success working with small, midsize, and large profit and non-profit entities in a wide range of industries

Our team will customize services to meet the specific needs of our clients.  We assign a team of senior professionals dedicated to you with diversified experience so you get on the ground or remote creative ideas and innovative solutions.  And, with our team approach, you always have continuity of service year-round.

What does this mean to you?

You will now have a management team on your side with the business savvy and practical hands-on experience. CFO Strategies will help you achieve your financial goals and objectives. 

You will be able to look forward and anticipate events, adjust strategies, and plan for the future.  Business climates change every day and CFO Strategies has the team that will help you navigate.

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