Accounting & Financial Reporting

Many growing companies do not clearly understand how their businesses are doing and lack the information they need in a timely enough fashion to adjust their plans and actions to changing economic or industry conditions.  Many companies do not have the budget for a seasoned financial officer or solid back-office staff.  As such, financial functions are often performed by the business owner, who has the business know-how but not the skills of a financial professional or accountant.  Many businesses with great products, services, or entrepreneurial ideas have failed for lack of strong financial oversight.

Our mission at CFO Strategies is to provide financial oversight and strength affordably so that your business is protected, you can monitor business performance, and anticipate and adjust to a changing business climate.   Comprehensive, timely, and accurate financial reporting enables organizations to make better business decisions on a more timely basis.

Preparing financial statements, related schedules, and analyses takes time and require specialized skills.  Many small- to medium-sized companies cannot afford the cost of a full-time in-house CFO or a financial controller to perform this type of work. CFO Strategies offers the expertise and will tailor the styles of the timing of services to meet a client’s financial reporting needs affordably.  

Our standard monthly financial reporting packages include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement 
  • Work in Process Schedule (with Profits by the job, over and under billings, and backlog)
  • Detail of Direct Overhead and General and Administrative Expenses
  • Analyses of financial results against business plans
  • Key Performance Indicators / Dashboards
  • Earnings Forecast
  • Cash Activity and Cash Flow Forecast
  • Debt Covenant Compliance Analysis
  • Aged Accounts Receivables
  • Aged Accounts Payables

How Can CFO Strategies Help You?

accounting and financial reporting servicesFinancial statement preparation is one of the many services we offer. CFO Strategies will tailor the nature, timing, and extent of services to meet your specific needs affordably.  You can outsource our CFOs and controller-level accounting services in a way that meets your needs. We offer outsourced bookkeepers, too. You gain insight into where your company stands when you use our services. Even better, you get access to all of the benefits – from cash management support to professional development – without having to onboard CFOs or other pros to manage the process for you. We do it all for a fraction of the cost and all of the experience necessary.

Are you ready to learn more? Contact our team at CFO Strategies to learn more about our services.