CFO Strategies provides accounting services customized and tailored to your specific needs. We’re here to help you determine the services that are right for your organization by doing the following:

Step 1: We set up an on-site or virtual meeting to learn more about the concerns you have and how we can help. 

Step 2: We perform a complimentary due diligence review, which includes a review of your financial records and interviews with key staff.

We then generate a proposal that outlines our assessment and make recommendations for implementing best practices. This includes a multi-phased approach to achieving your goals. If you decide not to hire us, you still get to keep the complimentary business review at no cost.

Step 3: In the development phase, we work with you to clean up your books and records, if needed. We build financial models to provide you with the information that is most important to you.

Step 4: Once the development phase is completed and your records are stabilized, we get to work on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis depending on what is best for your company.

Below are some of the most common deliverables we provide during the development phase, as well as some of our on-going services.

Weekly Accounting Services

  • Recording timely and accurate transactions. Establish regular payment cycles so that checks are cut and payments are made on a consistent basis.
  • Prepare weekly cash reports. 
  • Provide reporting as needed for management.
  • Oversee staff and review reconciliations to ensure accuracy of financial records and reporting.

Monthly Accounting Services

  • Review bank reconciliations, record bank charges and other adjustments as needed.
  • Ensure aged accounts receivable and payables reconcile to the general ledger and make corrections.
  • Review the balance sheet and profit and loss detail report to ensure all accounts are accurate.
  • Adjust recorded payroll tax liabilities to the payroll tax returns as needed (quarterly).
  • Prepare financial statements, analyze expenses and prepare earnings forecasts.
  • Compare actuals versus the business plan.
  • Analyze general and administrative expenses.
  • Update fixed assets schedule and record depreciation.
  • Evaluate insurance payments vs. the earned premium and adjust the books accordingly.
  • Analyze change orders, job costing, and job profitability as compared to budgets.
  • Lead and control audits of outside parties, such as for the annual insurance policy, Federal and state tax examinations, Department of Labor, and outside accountants.

Chief Financial Officer Services

  • Serve as one of your trusted financial advisors.
  • Participate along with management in investor and lending transactions.
  • Assist in developing strategies for growing cash, investing excess cash, and reducing debt where appropriate.
  • Participate in the development of an annual financial business plan.
  • Assist in project reviews, one-off projects, or transaction analysis.
  • Evaluate continuous process and control reviews and improvements.
  • Participate in analysis of corporate transactions, including capital expenditures, development of exit strategies, and other strategic initiatives.
  • Work closely with outside accountants on tax planning.
  • Respond to information requests of lenders, tax authorities, and other outside parties.

How your CFO Strategies team is selected

Our team is made up of experienced accounting and financial professionals from a diverse mix of industries and backgrounds. We are not a staffing agency. Our team works directly with as an extension of your team. Based on the assessment of your needs and your business goals, we will work with you to determine the number of staff members, the number of days recommended and whether the engagement may be in-person, virtual or a hybrid of the two. 

The commitment with us 

We want to make sure we are providing the best service for you and helping you to meet your company goals. If you choose to hire us, we are at-will so you are not contractually obligated to work with us for a specific period of time. While we do ask for 30-days notice to help in a transition period, services can be terminated at any time by either party.

To get started, call us at (732) 236-4454.